The advertising screen is available via the Vehicles tab or from the home screen from the Advertising button. In this screen you can upload you vehicles to selected advertisers.

You must have filled in Usernames and Passwords for at least 1 advertiser to be able to access this screen. Refer to page 6 on how to setup advertising accounts.

Search – The search button will use what is in the search box to filter stock records.

Active Yard – drop this box down to filter vehicles based on the yard you want to view.


  • Click on ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Advertising’
  • Tick the advertiser you want to setup or click ‘Configure’
  • Enter account details into the ‘Login Information’ section.
  • Click ‘Save Details’
  • Ensure you have setup accounts for each advertiser that you want to send a feed to.
  • Ensure Vehicles, Photos and Vehicle Descriptions are configured correctly.
  • Go to ‘Vehicles’
  • Select ‘Advertising’
  • Select Vehicles you wish to advertise.
  • If it is the first time you are sending a feed to an advertiser ensure you have the ‘Send’ and ‘Images’ boxes ticked for all vehicles you want to upload.
  • Click the ‘Send to Advertisers’ button, (depending on how many vehicles and photos you are uploading the upload process could take some time.)
  • Confirm upload.
  • You will receive a summary upon completion.

Sometimes photos don’t upload successfully due to loss of internet connection whilst uploading: use this process to resend photos.

Resending photos for a couple of vehicles

  • Go to ‘Vehicles’
  • Select ‘Advertising’
  • Find the vehicles you need to resend photos for.
  • For each advertiser affected by the missing photos, tick the box for images for the problematic vehicles.
  • Click the ‘Send to Advertisers’ button.

Resending photos for all vehicles

  • Go to ‘Vehicles’
  • Select ‘Advertising’
  • For each advertiser missing the photos tick the box directly underneath the logo of the advertiser for ‘Images’.
  • This will tick images for all stock records.
  • Click the ‘Send to Advertisers’ button.

There are many reasons why you might not want to send a vehicle to an advertising site, it’s not ready for sale yet, you simply don’t want to advertise a certain vehicle on a certain website etc. There are 2 ways to exclude a vehicle from regular listings.

One: This option will hide this vehicle entirely from your advertising screen.

  • Go to ‘Vehicles’
  • Select ‘Stock Management’
  • Double click on the vehicle you want to exclude.
  • Click on the ‘Details’ tab.
  • Untick the ‘Send to advertisers’ box.

Two: This option will allow you to choose which advertisers you exclude this vehicle from.

  • Go to ‘Vehicles’
  • Select ‘Advertising’
  • Find the vehicle you want to exclude from the advertising feed.
  • Untick the ‘Send’ box for whichever advertisers you want to exclude that vehicle for.
  • Click the ‘Send to Advertisers’
  • Unticking these boxes will save the selection for future feeds.

Every vehicle can print a brochure that you can provide to a potential buyer.

  • Select a Vehicle.
  • Click on the ‘Advertising’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Print Brochure’ button.
  • Alternatively if you would like to email the brochure click on the ‘Email Brochure’ button.

The most common reason for this is that the user account that you are logged into doesn’t have access to view all yards. Contact your administrator to obtain permissions.

If your website is hosted by another provider, we can send a .CSV file or create an iFrame page at an additional cost. Contact Jeal’s Sales team for pricing.

Every Advertiser uploads feeds at different times, normally feeds should be updated within 3 hours. If you have never uploaded a feed to a certain advertiser this process can be up to 24 hours. You must notify Jeal or the advertiser when a feed has been sent for the first time so it can be mapped correctly.

  • Click on ‘Vehicles’
  • Select ‘Advertising History’
  • You can use filters to see feeds for certain advertisers or yards.
  • Click on the ‘Download’ button to view the feed that was sent.
  • Click ‘Open’ or ‘Save’

The username and password you have entered into EasyAd is incorrect. Try retyping in the details into the ‘Settings’ and ‘Advertising’, alternatively contact the advertiser and request the details to be sent through again.

Advertisers take can take some time to upload fresh feeds to the websites. Your website feed updates every 30 minutes. If the prices still haven’t updated within 3 hours it is best to contact the advertiser and provide them with the stock records so they can review.

When sending a feed through to a website you MUST always upload all stock that you want to be advertised. Never upload the ‘new’ vehicles that you have added to the system. The feed must contain all stock.

Depending on the rules for each advertiser you send to some require every vehicle to have images attached. For example if you send a feed containing 40 vehicles and on 30 of them have images, the other 10 vehicles will not be displayed on the advertising site. (Not all websites require images though)